We offer a full range of engagement models and their combinations to design the optimal approach for your project — or multiple projects under a strategic development program.

Managed Service

  • Works extremely well for boosting project timelines in case of unclear software requirements
  • Allows for fixed budget-flexible scope endeavors
  • Provides an optimal balance between risk mitigation and flexibility
  • Zepforge sets up and manages well-structured development teams, forming the product backlog and delivering iteratively based on well-defined DoDs and DoRs
  • Fixed price-based involvement is a commitment that becomes possible after thorough elaboration of requirements, SRS creation and composing of a solid project plan
  • The model is a great fit for “compact” projects
  • When software requirements are not detailed enough for project risks to be acceptable, Zepforge suggests an elaboration phase before development

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Time & Materials

Billed at hourly rates, T&M engagement is suitable for executing a flow of short tasks on demand. It is often used on maintenance and support contracts.

Team Augmentation

Unmanaged service model providing resources to augment the client’s team with developer talent of relevant skillset and experience.


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