Industrial IoT Systems

Internet of Things is penetrating the industrial sector and reshaping the traditional production workflows. Let us help your business implement IIoT to introduce new efficiencies and make a decisive step into the era of Industry 4.0.

Connected Factory Workflow

Our cutting-edge industrial IoT solutions enable manufacturers to automate their processes end-to-end, from ordering raw materials to production to shipment.


In modern industrial networks, flawless short- and long-range connectivity between devices is a must. To collect and transfer data correctly, every bus and hub needs to be optimized for noise immunity, compatibility, and speed, among other parameters. Solid technical expertise can help you make important decisions for your connectivity solution, such as choosing the right protocol, network topology, security measures, and so on.


Poor quality of IIoT solutions can result in costly delays, equipment crashes, or even injury. This is why it is critical to invest in competent solution design, low-risk system architecture, and rigorous testing practices. Strong quality control practices during IIoT system development and implementation make sure that your ROI stays high and the product output conforms to the industry’s most stringent standards.


High-tech industrial facilities run the risk of malicious attacks against physical as well as digital assets. IIoT-grade security includes a multitude of measures and their technical realizations, from CV-driven monitoring for asset security to multi-level biometric authorization of personnel for data protection. A balanced combination of these will help you ensure the safe and correct operation of all industrial IoT solutions without outward interference.


IIoT solutions are built around actionable data traveling quickly between devices while staying complete and accurate at all times. To maintain real-time availability of verifiable data, industrial systems need to focus on ensuring data integrity and system reliability by using robust protocols for optimal data exchange speed, installing effective data loss prevention tools, and designing networks for redundancy.

Legacy Systems

The task of IIoT-enabling a legacy solution is always accompanied by challenges, be it outdated interfaces or a lack of necessary sensors. Strong low-level tech expertise will be needed to carry out various adjustments throughout your facility, such as retrofitting legacy equipment and data infrastructures with sensors, setting up access to the cloud via LPT or COM ports, or enabling existing PLCs with IoT connectivity — all without costly disruptions to your operations.

Our Industrial IoT Know-Hows

IoT In Manufacturing

  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Industrial hub development
  • Smart factories and assembly lines
  • Digital twins
  • Sensor implementation
  • Low power consumption for optimal performance

Predictive Equipment Maintenance

  • Informed maintenance planning
  • Sensor-driven machinery monitoring
  • Proactive identification of issues and automatic alerts
  • Correct operation control for equipment warranty management
  • Easy-to-navigate, mobile-optimized UIs for the maintenance

Industrial Asset Management

  • Input and supply management
  • Automated raw material ordering
  • Streamlined warehouse management
  • IoT-enabled inventory management
  • Optimized for radio frequency-challenged environments

Quality Control

  • Product quality control
  • Continuous security testing
  • Custom, ready-to-go AQA framework
  • Full PC simulation for automatic testing
  • Usability and connectivity testing
  • Hardware-software compatibility testing
  • Hardware design validation and prototype testing


  • Hardware watchdogs
  • Redundant coding (noise-resistant coding, ECC memory, BCH codes, Reed–Solomon codes, turbo codes, convolutional codes, and more)
  • Fail-safe software updates for multiple apps and bootloaders
  • Ensuring software redundancy with POST tests, on-the-go memory tests, and ALU tests


  • Copy protection mechanisms
  • Bootloader signing and encryption
  • Software protection dongles (HASP keys)
  • Physical access control using RFID tags, biometric fingerprinting, Bluetooth beacons, and more
  • SSL/TLS (1.2, 1.3) implementation
  • Public key authentication (RSA keys + other keys)
  • Software penetration testing and security scanning
  • Protecting endpoint devices with robust, scalable firewalls

Workplace Safety

  • Wearable worker communication systems
  • Monitoring compliance with worker safety regulations
  • Safety alert systems for staff with email, SMS, or in-app notifications
  • IoT-enabled working clothes with vitals control
  • High-precision control of workplace parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, and light


  • Logging
  • KPI adherence control
  • Deep business analytics
  • Mobile BI to support decision-making on-the-go
  • Remote monitoring and alerting in real time
  • Comprehensive data visualization and reporting
  • Big data-trained ML algorithms for intelligent workflow automation

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