Hire A Top 1% .NET Development Company For Your Project

Zepforge is a company with a reliable and powerful .NET unit with full stack NET developers and Microsoft Certified Professionals (including MCPDs, MCTSs, and MCSDs). Because of achieving the credible Microsoft Gold Partner status in domain of Application Development Competency, our company has time and again proved its credibility and professionalism by ascertaining the status of standing among top 1% of companies that have been certified by Microsoft.

Ever since 2015, our company’s .NET application development services have helped customers ranging from all facets. Owing to these credible facilities, global corporations and even start-up ventures have successfully escalated their business outcomes and are technologically braced to face future challenges with zeal and confidence.

Our .NET Development Expertise

Online Video

We have employed the tactics of customized video technicality to generate a platform that elevates and infuses an Avant-garde aura to your business. We will be more than happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you regarding management of assets related to media and strategizing to simplify complex work dynamics pertaining to media ingestion, transcoding, playout, and more.

Marketing Technology

You can now catalyse and expand your business dimensions by employing unique yet state of the art merchandising solutions. Our company focuses on employing high-end BI tools to generate insightful, laser-targeted marketing campaigns with the main objective of alluring customers, boost conversion rates, and drive more sales.

Big Data

Tackle a multiplex reservoir of data collection, storage and operational processing by utilizing our encompassing data solutions that have been built using Microsoft Azure. It is now possible to integrate diverse data sources scattered within your IT niche and compile them into a feasible package that portrays a holistic picture of your data forte.


Utilize the technical knowledge of our competent team for building a subsequent Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. Expand your liaison, unleash novel income generating aspects and reserve your time spent on developing with the help of a single app package that is compatible with all Windows devices.

Key Technology Competence


Core: .NET • .NET Core
Web: ASP.NET (ASP.NET MVC • ASP.NET Web API • ASP.NET SignalR • ASP.NET Core) • Nancy
Desktop: WPF • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps • Electron • Wix




RabbitMQ • MassTransit


StructureMap • Ninject • Castle Windsor • Autofac • Unity


NHibernate • Entity Framework • EF Core • Dapper




RDBMS: MSSQL • PostgreSQL • SQLite
NoSQL: MongoDB • Redis


Sitefinity • Kentico • Orchard • Sitecore CMS (Sitecore Web Experience Manager CMS)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Microsoft Azure


Analytics: Google • NPAW • comScore • Nielsen • Crashlytics
Payment: PayPal • Stripe • Authorize.Net • Cleeng • Vindicia
Social: Facebook • Twitter • Google+
Geolocation: Google Maps • Bing Maps
File storage: Dropbox • Box • ownCloud • Google Drive