We’re A Top PHP Development Company

Zepforge has to its credit services of credible and certified PHP developers who have hands on experience in all those technologies and modalities that are a prerequisite for success. Ever since 2015, our company has devoted its time and energy in generating an aggregated PHP expertise. With the help of sustained education, coaching and drills, our company has fostered a team of proficient PHP experts who render state of the art web development services.

Our technical knowledge and adept methods were really influential in aiding brands like Vodafone, Discovery, and MIT to instigate their digital transformation domain. Braced with these skills of expertise, we are ready to help you in the dame way.

Our PHP Development Expertise


E learning is a broad phenomenon and we have the potential to refurbish the subsisting LMS while introducing new features like managing enrolment, scheduling online meetings and conducting video calls. You will also have the opportunity to set up a learning arena with base level that will specifically tend to the requirements of your clients.

Online Video

Our online video slot will enable you to indulge in a customized Vod or live streaming that explains the role of UX, an alluring UI followed by a hassle free cross device content delivery. This will be supplemented be rich analytical prospects and much more.

Digital Advertising

Our target is to accredit all advertisers, publishers and other concerned parties with the appropriate means to aptly maintain and supervise their advertisement stockpile, catalyse the outcome and provide rich acumen about performance of advertisement campaigns.


E-Commerce has occupied an unprecedented place in the global world these days. We extensively focus on anticipating customer role and conduct with perfect accuracy by utilizing Al-powered analytic applications. All this is done while maintaining high standards of customer service and code of conduct.

Safeguarding Quality Throughout The PHP Development Cycle

Every stage of our development process involves stringent QC procedures that translate into an efficient, all-encompassing quality management strategy for your project.

Safeguarding Quality Throughout The PHP Development Cycle

At the start of the project, we allocate BA professionals to proactively identify your business needs. During development, we conduct on-site audits and maintain in-depth process and code documentation.

  • Architecture design as well as module and system dependencies descriptions
  • SRS documentation capturing functional and non-functional requirements
  • Architecture design as well as module and system dependencies descriptions
  • SRS documentation capturing functional and non-functional requirements

Extensive Code Quality Management

Due to rigorous quality inspection, we are able to deliver consistently high quality of source code regardless of team size and distribution.

  • Dynamic analysis in a run-time environment
  • Comprehensive code profiles
  • Static code analysis using SonarQube, Veracode, and other tools
  • Dependency evaluation across system modules and third-party tools
  • Manual and automated code review
  • Compliance with CISQ code quality standards
  • Ensuring code readability and documentation
  • Detailed code review reports with actionable recommendations

Industry-Best QA And Automated Testing

Leverage our best QA practices and testing expertise, including functional, usability, data migration, and other testing types, to ensure the optimal quality of your application.

  • A coherent enterprise-grade QA strategy
  • Web, desktop, mobile, and API automation
  • Detailed QA reporting for 100% results visibility
  • Dedicated testing teams with hands-on tech stack and domain knowledge
  • A custom automation framework that easily integrates into your business workflow

Advanced Project Risk Management

Years of experience managing projects as a PHP development company allow us to implement optimal risk tackling strategies even for complex, multi-team endeavors.

  • Iterative risk evaluation and analysis
  • Expert corrective action and contingency planning
  • Company-wide risk management policies
  • Straightforward risk classification and transparent documentation
  • Risk prioritization in terms of occurrence probability, severity, status, exposure, and more

Key Technology Competence


Symfony • Laravel • Yii • Zend Framework • CodeIgniter • Slim


WordPress • Drupal • Magento


RDBMS: MySQL • PostgreSQL • Amazon RDS
NoSQL: MongoDB • Amazon DynamoDB
Caching: Memcached • Redis • Amazon ElastiCache
Searching: Elasticsearch • Amazon CloudSearch


RabbitMQ • Amazon SQS


Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Microsoft Azure


Analytics: Google • NPAW • comScore • Nielsen • Crashlytics
Payment: PayPal • Stripe • Authorize.Net • Cleeng • Vindicia
Social: Facebook • Twitter • Google+
Geolocation: Google Maps • Bing Maps
File storage: Dropbox • Box • ownCloud • Google Drive