Mature Quality Assurance Practices

Quality is front and center in every project we work with. By combining well-tuned QA processes and sophisticated performance tracking tools, we help clients optimize resource utilization and achieve outstanding product quality.

QA Consulting

Setting up an effective quality assurance policy is a challenge. Whether you are unsure where to begin or find yourself struggling in the middle of a project, our QA consultants and ISTQB®-certified engineers are ready to share their experience and support your team with best practices.

  • Streamline your workflows with a transparent QA strategy
  • Carry out various types of tests, including automated testing
  • Deal with QA bottlenecks at project and company level
  • Drive down QA costs

Managed Service

Our end-to-end service allows you to leverage a dedicated program management and delivery center to build and support enterprise-grade solutions without breaking a sweat. Combined with low-risk agile processes that provide a high level of visibility into the project, this offering is a great fit for businesses who value a turnkey approach to solution development.

  • Speed up your time-to-market
  • Manage your budget across projects
  • Use cutting-edge tech and rare talent
  • Maintain total control of the process

Software Testing

Grounded in solid cross-domain expertise and comprehensive QA knowledge, our approach to software testing is focused on early testing, predictable results, and all-encompassing accountability. We involve top QA talent on every project to ensure the resulting product complies with necessary quality standards and surpasses user expectations.

  • Resolve QA team scalability issues
  • Keep all stakeholders up to date with detailed reports
  • Handle change requirements without stress
  • Mitigate project risks

Automated Testing

On large-scale and long-term projects we typically recommend our clients to consider implementing test automation as a testing efficiency and cost mitigation tool. Our test engineers carry out a comprehensive review of the SDLC process to estimate the feasibility of introducing automation and help you decide on the optimal moment to implement it.

  • Implement web, mobile, and API testing automation
  • Run multiple tests in parallel on a variety of devices, platforms, or browsers
  • Leverage a modular, ready-to-go AQA framework
  • Release frequently and with confidence

Reduce Time To Market

Release new features faster and with full confidence in their quality to outstrip the competition and win a bigger chunk of the market.

Control Your Budget

Track project cost and performance in real time to discover anomalies as soon as they appear and implement corrective strategies to keep the project on track.

Mitigate Risks

Use reliable ROI calculation to estimate return on investment and time savings with full transparency and 360° risk visibility for intelligent go/no-go decisions.

Ensure Consistency On All Platforms

Put reliable quality management workflows in place to provide consistently high quality of service on every platform and type of device necessary.

Improve User Satisfaction

Deliver a top-quality product to your users with every update to build an impeccable brand reputation, expand your audience, and boost your bottom line.

Integrate Quality Management

Work with us to design the most resource-efficient QA approach that ideally matches your business goals and fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Following The Complete QA Cycle

  • Establish the quality target for the product
  • Identify key project deliverables and their quality standards
  • Quality assurance activities
  • Quality control activities
  • Identify critical project processes and process quality standards
  • Identify stakeholder expectations for project processes
  • Identify the QC and QA roles and responsibilities
  • Define the QC and QA problem reporting plan